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I’m guaranteed to rock I make the ladies scream and shout I’m bound to wreck your body and say turn the party out”

Mic drop, Biz Markie passed today.

Like clockwork, that grimy Sony Walkman player1 in my mind pressed play on Nobody Beats the Biz“ from Goin’ Off (1988). In the late‐80s, that song was a hammer of a party anthem at house parties all over tha ville.2 There’s something special about Biz; his persona was pretty consistent from start to finish—all about having fun with your friends, acting the fool, and listening to music. Nothing wrong with that. Thank you for the good times! Rest easy, Mr. Hall.

  1. a pre‐iPod/iPhone portable electronic that played music on these things called cassette tapes 

  2. Fayetteville, NC 


Found: Random-facts-from-the-internet.txt on a deeply‐buried folder on my HD. Decided to ask the internet again and this apparently is false. According to Mr. Stitt, rupturewort, proprietory, and proterotype are all longer than typewriter—only by a single letter, but…longer. Guess …
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