I have sketched out a quotations website/app a million and one times over the past several years. I love quotes and have scribbled them down on paper, post-it notes, napkins, and the like. I've copied and pasted these quotes in ten different apps on my computer, phone, and insert gizmo here, then organized them as lists, spreadsheets, raw text, etc. Basically, they are all over the place.

What I like about quotations, aside from the obvious benefit of a short-n-sweet morsel of interesting language, is how they intersect with a lot of other personal interests of mine:  

• books, film, & music
• literature, language, & typography
• wit, wisdom, & humor

But, really, the best part is the source—each quotation comes from a single person. Whether dead or alive or low-brow or hyper-intellectual, each individual’s quotation is their unique signature left for the rest of the world. It's a sweet morsel of culture and experience.

—the Editor

(DRAFT copy)

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