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Don’t vomit on your picture, because it is the picture which can vomit on you after you are dead.

In 50 Secrets of Mag­ic Crafts­man­ship (Dover Fine Art, His­to­ry of Art), Sal­vador Dalí lists out ten max­ims for those wish­ing to be a painter.

Ten rules for him who wishes to be a painter

  1. Painter, it is bet­ter to be rich than poor; so learn how to make gold and pre­cious stones come out of your brush.
  2. Don’t be afraid of per­fec­tion: you’ll nev­er attain it!
  3. Begin by learn­ing to draw and paint like the old mas­ters. After that, you can do as you like; every­one will respect you.
  4. Don’t throw to the dogs either your eye or your hand or your brain, for you will need them all if you are to be a painter.
  5. If you are one of those who believe that mod­ern art has sur­passed Ver­meer and Raphael, don’t read this book, just go right on in your bliss­ful idiocy.
  6. Don’t vom­it on your pic­ture, because it is the pic­ture which can vom­it on you after you are dead.
  7. No lazy masterpieces!
  8. Painter, paint!
  9. Painter, don’t drink alco­hol, and chew hashish only five times in your life.
  10. If paint­ing does­n’t love you, all your love for her will be unavailing.

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