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Can I finish what I wanna say? I don’t wanna interupt your interruption, dude. Are those ears strickly ornamental or do ever use them?

So many odd and interesting things with Bill Maher sitting down with Woody Harrelson, smoking and drinking with the tape rolling.

I really don’t know too much about either one of these dudes—least of which they’ve been friends for a long time. I found it both unconventional…1and supercool that they’ve been friends for a minute. One of Bill Maher’s superpowers IS indeed interrupting people, which is a double‐edged sword from where I’m sitting. I thought it was pretty funny how Woody sorted out his Germ vs. Terrain theory point he wanted to drive home.


Found on Woody Harrelson | Club Random with Bill Maher (YouTube)


  1. ellipsis 

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